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Beer name: Sawdust City / Bar Hop Brewco The Blood of Chthulu
Brewer: Sawdust City Brewing Company
Style: Imperial Stout
ABV: 9.5
OG: 0
FG: 0
IBU: 0
Availability: Seasonal
After another year of hibernation in his undersea realm, Cthulhu has heard the call and has risen once again! So we’ve conjured up The Great Old One and created a beer in his honour. The Blood of Cthulhu is a massive Imperial Stout that weighs in at an impressive 9.5% abv. Brewed with a ridiculous amount of malt and a mixture of raspberries, cranberries, and tart cherries it bursts with flavours of rich chocolate and tart, mouth puckering fruit. It pours as black as the blood of a malevolent demigod and throws off aromas of roasted malt, chocolate, and fresh fruit.