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Recent Beer Ratings
   Jester King Le Petit PrinceCybercat 3.55/22/2019 2:14:43 PM
   Station 26 Chocolate Milkshake IPACybercat 3.65/22/2019 2:11:33 PM
   Red Brick Airbrush DaydreamCybercat 3.85/22/2019 2:07:36 PM
   Goodwood Louisville LagerCybercat 2.55/22/2019 2:05:49 PM
   Heavy Seas AmeriCannonCybercat 3.35/22/2019 2:04:37 PM
   Harpoon Camp WannamangoCybercat 3.25/22/2019 2:02:10 PM
   Red Hare SPF 50/50 Lemon LimeCybercat 3.45/22/2019 1:43:09 PM
   Nickel Brook Duplicitouscyrenaica 3.35/22/2019 12:20:26 AM
   Flora Hall Citra-Sabro DDH IPAChopz 3.85/21/2019 11:42:30 PM
   Boulevard Jam BandCybercat 3.85/21/2019 10:56:24 PM
   Abita Triple HazeCybercat 3.95/21/2019 10:54:32 PM
   Abita Hop OnCybercat 4.15/21/2019 10:52:53 PM
   Gate City Oh Bother!Cybercat 3.85/21/2019 10:51:16 PM
   Samuel Adams New England IPACybercat 45/21/2019 10:49:39 PM
   Ommegang Game of Thrones Royal Reserve #1 - Hand of the QueenCybercat 3.95/21/2019 10:48:29 PM
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