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   Fuggles and Warlock The Last Strawberry WitChopz 3.43/21/2019 12:37:13 AM
   Magnotta Brewery Beaver Tail Red AleChopz 3.73/20/2019 11:04:08 PM
   Fuggles and Warlock Destiny IPAChopz 3.73/20/2019 5:52:06 PM
   Central City Red Racer Super Solar IPAChopz 3.53/20/2019 4:12:42 PM
   Beau's All Natural Wild Oats Series: Grumpiest of All TimePaleAleRider 3.33/19/2019 5:49:39 PM
   Johnnie MacCracken's Three Peeps German PilsnerCybercat 3.33/19/2019 3:03:47 PM
   Johnnie MacCracken's Firehouse AmberCybercat 3.63/19/2019 3:01:44 PM
   Johnnie MacCracken's Yank My DoodleCybercat 3.43/19/2019 3:00:34 PM
   Johnnie MacCracken's Hump d'WheatCybercat 3.43/19/2019 2:59:25 PM
   Johnnie MacCracken's Irish RedCybercat 3.33/19/2019 2:56:44 PM
   Blue Pants Hop Bursted IPACybercat 3.43/19/2019 2:54:35 PM
   D9 CryonicCybercat 3.63/19/2019 2:52:56 PM
   Mother Earth Boo Koo IPACybercat 33/19/2019 2:51:04 PM
   Against the Grain Retitled PilsCybercat 3.53/19/2019 2:49:08 PM
   Wild Leap Prize InsideCybercat 4.43/19/2019 2:29:05 PM
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